What is brushed protein


Drawing protein is a high-protein and muscle fiber structure protein product produced by low-temperature soybean meal, soybean protein isolate and grain protein as the main raw material, using advanced technology and equipment, using twin screw extrusion extrusion equipment, under the control of fully automated operation.

The general state of the pretreated brushed protein is dry solids, which must be rehydrated before use. When fully rehydrated, the brushed protein will soften completely and exhibit the silky sensation of the fleshy fibers.

With real meat fiber and tissue, brush protein is ideal for the processing of all kinds of high-grade imitation meat vegetarian foods, such as vegetarian ham, vegetarian chicken, vegetarian fish, vegetarian burgers, vegetarian hot dogs, vegetarian goose, vegetarian steaks, vegetarian meat floss, etc.

It itself also has good rehydration, oil retention, after the appropriate processing technology, is an ideal high-protein meat product additives, in the application of meat products, can achieve the purpose of enhancing the meat feeling, reducing costs, and improving the protein content in the product. Such as used in minced sausages, Western-style ham, meatballs, recombinant steaks (chicken steak, pork chops, etc.), fried chicken nuggets, hamburgers, meat dumplings, buns, meat dumplings and other quick-frozen meat products; It is used in snack foods such as imitation beef jerky, recombined beef grains, meat and vegetarian meat floss.

Rehydration: Draw the protein in water until soft (no hard core inside).
Dehydration: Place the soaked softened brushed protein evenly in the dehydrator to remove excess water.
Wire removal: Break the dehydrated brushed protein and unravel the wire.

Brushed protein products can be used in rehydration to prepare dishes or replace some meat products, so they can be directly purchased in canteens, catering companies, restaurants, etc. This product is not only convenient to operate, but also advocates a new concept of healthy and nutritious diet, while achieving the effect of reducing costs. Choose ingredients for a new trend. Welcome to Shandong Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd. for inquiry.