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The production line uses corn flour, rice flour, wheat flour, etc. as the main raw materials.
Commodity granular dog food is the most commonly used pet food for pet lovers, but how is it produced? Is it safe for dogs to eat? This is a concern for most pet lovers.
Drawing protein is a high-protein and muscle fiber structure protein product produced by low-temperature soybean meal, soybean protein isolate and grain protein as the main raw material, using advanced technology and equipment, using twin screw extrusion extrusion equipment, under the control of fully automated operation.
Peanut protein meat is also called peanut protein meat. It is based on high-quality peanut protein powder as raw material, using the international leading technology to open the spherical protein molecules into chain protein molecules and re-organize, after frying seasoning, and adding an appropriate amount of food additives and other spices, bagging and sealing sterilization made of high-protein, low-sugar, low-cholesterol high-grade nutritional food.
Our Shandong ARROW Machinery Co.,Ltd. baking grain is divided into cold-squeezed baked food and cold-pressed baked food. The above drying temperature is a manufacturer\'s publicity gimmick, and the actual drying temperature is 110-140 degrees.
Fortified rice has a huge market demand. Shandong Arrow Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. adopts twin-screw extrusion process to produce nutritionally enhanced rice with broken rice as raw material, and the output is 100kg/h-1000kg/h optional. The production process is: crushing - mixing - conditioning - extrusion molding - drying - screening - mixing or packaging.
The protein-vegetarian meat has a smooth, glutinous texture and is easy to taste. It can be used in cold dishes, hot stir-fries, soups, and frying. Soy protein vegetarian meat is refined by high-temperature puffing, tissue shaping, and hot air drying. It is a vegetarian food with a meat-like flavor and texture. Protein meat is the latest top grade in soy products. It is a plant-based food that can replace animal protein.
First, the advantages of vegetarian meat are introduced
Automatic Breakfast Cereal Corn Flakes Project is mainly composed of a screw extrusion system, transmission system, feeding system, heating system, rotary cutting system, and frame. The modular design ensures the convenience and convenience of replacing components, as well as the upgradeability of subsequent equipment. The equipment selects high-standard food-grade materials to ensure the service life of the extruder and minimize the wear of the screw and cavity.
Since its establishment in 2006, it has developed into China\'s largest extrusion expansion machinery manufacturer. Specific products include: single and double screw extruder, TS extruder, drying equipment, frying equipment, spraying and seasoning equipment, breakfast cereal production line, nutrition convenience rice production line, protein meat production line, leisure food production line, grain nutrition powder / modified starch / bread bran
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