Belt Dryer Machine
Belt Dryer Machine

Belt Dryer Machine Corn Flakes Baking or Corn Chips Baking or Doritos Chips Baking Oven

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If you're looking for a machine to dry out extruded or puffing products, this versatile belt dryer machine is a great choice. Efficient, economical, uniform drying is synonymous with this machine, and the finished product is of high quality. This belt dryer machine is ideal for all types of snack production lines.

This industrial conveyor oven features a precise, adjustable control system for even, flexible drying. The dryer adopts upgraded and advanced drying technology to ensure perfect control of the temperature, pressure, and time when running. The machine's running speed, air displacement, etc. are also reasonably designed to achieve high-quality drying products.

We offer a variety of models of industrial conveyor ovens to meet the diversity of production needs. All the dryers have a wide application, easy cleaning, and the least maintenance cost for maximum profitability.

Arrow is more than just a foreign trade company focusing on price and sales. We are also a large manufacturer and supplier focusing on technology, manufacturing, management, and customers. Welcome to visit the factory in China!

         1. The material conveying adopts a vibrating tray, and the material is always in a turning state during the material transmission process, which can make the product evenly heated, can evenly bake the material, and maintain a good baking flavor.
         2. Double-stage flame burner with strong temperature control ability.
         3. High temperature resistant silicone sealing strip, good airtight and heat preservation performance, and strong anti-aging ability.
         4. Circumfluence design, energy saving, high baking efficiency.
     Function: high temperature baking
     Application products: high-temperature baking products
     Drying time: 50s
     Vibrating bucket width: 600
     Material layer thickness: single layer arrangement
     Working temperature: around 200℃

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Company profile

Shandong Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in R&D, production, sales, application promotion of food engineering projects. As a professional food processing equipment &whole plant engineering problem solvers in China, machines served for more than 970 companies, export to 116 countries, more than 20 years engineering team. We aim to create a great future together with global customers.
* More than 15 years experience
* Professional design,fabrication,installation team
* Professional R&D center

Q: What kinds of products can be made?
A: corn flakes, puffs, breakfast cereals food, animal feed, animal feed, soy protein texture food.
Q: What's the delivery time?
A: We usually need 40-45 days for large sizes, depends on the finished product, so machine wash-change.
Q: What about the installation service?
A: Depending on the whole line of equipment price list, it usually takes 2-3 weeks. We will provide you with installation instructions, such as start, as well as their operation machines for quality control, testing of different recipes.
Q: What is the warranty period for using the device?
A: 1 year for auger and cylinder due to modular design, changing the wearing parts will be OK, unlike a full set of screws, no need to change the whole set.

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