Corn Flakes/Breakfast Cereals Process Line
Corn Flakes/Breakfast Cereals Process Line
Fantastic Technology Double Screw Extruder
Auto Dosing system
Flaking machine
Corn Flakes/Breakfast Cereals Process Line
Multi-layer Oven
Cornflakes Producing line
Cornflakes Producing Plant
Corn Flakes/Breakfast Cereals Process Line
Fantastic Technology Double Screw Extruder
Auto Dosing system
Flaking machine
Corn Flakes/Breakfast Cereals Process Line
Multi-layer Oven
Cornflakes Producing line
Cornflakes Producing Plant

Fully Automatic Ready to Eat Corn Flakes Produciton Line

Model NO.
Minimum order quantity:
1 set
Supply Ability:
20 set / Month
Country of Origin:
Jinan city, China
Stock Time:
45 Days
Product description



Brief introduction


Raw material

Corn, rice, wheat, oat, barley powder


Basic Recipe

Grist powder; sugar; coco; cheese; water


Processing flow

Mixing -Extrusion - Flaking -Toasting- Coating-Drying-Cooling-Packing



Mixer; Screw elevator; Double screw extruder; Air conveyor; Roller dryer; Flaking machine; Conveyor;

Dryer; Hoister; Vibrator; Hot air dryer; Flavoring system; Dryer with cooler.


Final products

Variety shapes are available for ball, tube, stick, ring,
fruit loop, star, wheel and flower and heart shape by
adjusting the mould in the extruder ; corn flakes; cereal snacks


Machine material

Stainless steel 304 or as customer’s request

Product sample


Detailed information


Automatic multi grains flour handing,
dosing,storage, weigh transfer system 


200kg/h-1500kg/h,depend on factory space, storage silo, 


1. Used to feeding, storage, transfer,weigh mixing grains flour ,
ready go to extruder machines 
2. Fully automatic, labor cost 
3. Fully stainless steel materials 304 made   
4. Automatic controlling 
5. High precision 
6. Dust collection


Flour transferred by feeding station to storage silo,
screw conveyor transfer flour  to the weigher machine per batch,
flour transfer to the mixing machine, 
under high speed, ready go to extrusion system 


Doule Screw Extruder


200kg/h-1500kg/h depend on food shape


Raw material is curing and puffed in extruder,
becoming different shapes of puffing
snacks with moulds changing.


It consists of
1. Feeding system,
2. Extruding system,
3. Cutting system,
4. Heating system;
5. Cooling system
5. Controlling system.

Grains flour get extruded,heated under high pressure
formed into various by different forming die nozzles,
ready for the flaking, drying or toasting


Flaking machine 




Used flake corn balls pellets into flakes shape 


Machine consist of :
1. Motor driving system 
2. Hydraulic drive system 
3.Controlling system 
4. Infeed distribution system 
5.Convey,discharge system 

1.Corn pellets get flaked by strong powerful rollers
2.Falking gap adjustable by hydraulic power 
3.Strong alloy materials made rollers 


Toaster machine 


100-500kg/h depend on different food situation,condition 


Used for the corn flakes toasting under high temperature 
also recommend used for the oil-free pellets use 


Machine used to taste corn flakes under hot temperature ,
temperature range 200-280degree
flakes convey under vibrate plate power move ahead 
Temperature adjustable 
Infeed air volume adjustable 
Touch food parts:SS304


Syrup coating machine 


200kg/h-1500kg/h depend on grains shape


This device is applicable to a wide range of cereals
snacks in seasoning and coating.


Consist of components:
1. Coating rotation tank 
2. Syrup preparation machine 
3. Spray gun
4. Controlling system 
5.Heating system 

Spraying nozzle can adjust oil amount equally.
Slurry coating is built up by
tumbler system. 


Multi Layers Hot air circulated  Dryer machine 


200kg/h-1500kg/h depend on food, moisture


Used for  cereals drying, moisture, extend storage time


Heating source can be electric, gas, steam and fuel.
The material is stainless steel 304.

Machine consist of below components:
1. Drying system
2. Heating system 
3. Controlling system
4. Moisture discharge system

1. Drying speed adjustable by inverter 
2. Drying temperature adjustable 
3. Fully Stainless steel 304

Core characteristic:

European type modularround barrel

Barrel: European modular 4D-round barrel design, equipped with alloy lining, long work life. The temperature of each zone is controlled independently.

Modularscrew:can adapt to different materials and easy to be changed, dont need to change full piece of screw, only a part of it. Made of hard alloy, strong wear resistant.

Cutter: with lateral movement to allow exchange of the knife head even during production. European technology design, easyoperation and adjustment.

Powerful direct-cutting system with linear slide rail, available to high production.
Frame: International easy cleaning design


User-friendly automation system forefficient and safe production.

PLC control system, touching screw.

The memory storage function of various parameter settings for users to use

The system has alarm processing, alarm data viewing, and shutdown protection functions

Cutomer case 

Company profile

Shandong Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in R&D, production, sales, application promotion of food engineering projects. As a professional food processing equipment &whole plant engineering problem solvers in China, machines served for more than 970 companies, export to 116 countries, more than 20 years engineering team. We aim to create a great future together with global customers.

* More than 15 years experience

* Professional design,fabrication,installation team

* Professional R&D center


Q: What kinds of products can be made?

A: corn flakes, puffs, breakfast cereals food, animal feed, animal feed, soy protein texture food.

Q: What's the delivery time?

A: We usually need 40-45 days for large sizes, depends on the finished product, so machine wash-change.

Q: What about the installation service?

A: Depending on the whole line of equipment price list, it usually takes 2-3 weeks. We will provide you with installation instructions, such as start, as well as their operation machines for quality control, testing of different recipes.

Q: What is the warranty period for using the device?

A: 1 year for auger and cylinder due to modular design, changing the wearing parts will be OK, unlike a full set of screws, no need to change the whole set.

  • Condition:New
  • Year:2021
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Brand Name:Arrow
  • Model Number:AHT62, AHT72, AHT90
  • Application:Chips
  • Voltage:380V, 50Hz, 3 phase; or as customer need
  • Power(W):Depends on different production line
  • Weight:Depends on different production line
  • Dimension(L*W*H):Depends on different production line
  • Certification:CE, ISO
  • Warranty:1 year quality guarantee, lifetime maintenance
  • After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Food and beverage factory

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